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To date, 83 businesses in the Yampa Valley have participated in the Sustainable Business Program, one of the most accredited, diverse and encompassing programs of its kind in Colorado. Founded in 2006 the SBP has been changing the nature of business in the Yampa Valley.  The program focuses on sustainability and the triple bottom line - a new way to define business success.

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What does Sustainability mean?

Sustainability might be thought of in its most simplistic form as harmonizing human activities with natural systems while keeping longevity in mind.  Sustainable business practices encompass the inter-relationship of three key components, 1) financial success, 2) social responsibility, and 3) proactive environmental management, attempting to maximize the well being of each, both now and for future generations.

What is the Steamboat Sustainable Business Program?

The objective of the program is an educational one.  Professional coaching by our licensed consultant provides your business with the educational resources, tools, and personalized assistance necessary to become more sustainable and to achieve local certification

The program is strictly voluntary, there are no regulatory components.   Businesses can enroll for a small fee in a certification program which offers community-wide recognition as well as access to resources to help them implement, measure, and continually improve their environmentally sustainable practices.   Network with other businesses and share best practices by attending the quarterly luncheons and other training events.

When Can I Sign Up?

Member businesses have the opportunity to take a leadership role by participating.  They will learn about how to identify and implement common sense practices to reduce  their environmental footprint and become more sustainable including the use of green products, clean energy, pollution reduction and waste minimization and reuse techniques, resource conservation, and better overall design of the built environment.  Other benefits to the business include potential cost savings associated with the practices, as well as recognition in the community and subsequent consumer preference.

What Happens Once I Enroll?

Enrolling businesses will be contacted by Environmental Solutions Unltd, LLC (ESU) and will receive a package of introductory materials. A meeting will be arranged to go over the process of achieving certification.  ESU will schedule a visit and walk through of the business for an evaluation.

Once certification is achieved, the business will receive a framed certificate and use of the logo to display at their business location and on their website.  The business will also be recognized in a variety of publications.

Will Certification be Difficult?

The certification process is designed for simplicity, is easy to follow, and easy to implement.  Tools and personalized assistance will be provided along the way.  Any type of business, school, or organization can apply and goals and programs will be tailored to the specific business.  Additional advice and services can be obtained for additional costs if desired by the business.

The overall evaluation includes a review of energy reduction practices, reduce/recycle/reuse of waste, and water conservation practices.   

The Steamboat Sustainable Business Program, now in its sixth year, has had 83 participating businesses to date.  Currently, the following are enrolled in the program:
Businesses that have achieved certification:

Marabou, GOLD - 6 years
and Big Agnes, GOLD - 6 years
Moots Cycles,
GOLD - 6 years
J.K. Wall Designers,
GOLD - 6 years
Pet Kare Clinic,
GOLD - 6 years
Black Tie Ski Rentals,
GOLD - 6 years
GOLD - 6 years
Moving Mountains Chalets, Inc., GOLD - 6 years
Air Quality Systems,
GOLD - 5 years
Kelly & Stone Architects, GOLD - 5 years
Prudential Steamboat Realty,
GOLD - 5 years
Fox Construction,
GOLD - 5 years
GOLD - 5 years
PostNet -
GOLD - 5 years
Big House Burgers -
GOLD - 5 years
Simply Steamboat Property Management - GOLD - 5 years
City of Steamboat Springs - Centennial Hall - BRONZE  - 5 years 
City of Steamboat Springs - City Hall - SILVER - 4 years
ResortQuest Steamboat: Trappeurs Crossing -
GOLD - 5 years
Central Park Management - GOLD - 5 years
Colorado Mountain College -
GOLD - 5 years
Rex's American Grill - SILVER - 5 years
Mazzola's Restaurant -
GOLD - 5 years
The Ore House at the Pine Grove Restaurant -
GOLD - 5 years
Alpine Bank -
GOLD - 5 years
TouchMark Promotions -
GOLD - 5 years
GO Alpine -
GOLD - 5 years
Native Excavating - GOLD -5 years
Sheraton Steamboat Resort –
GOLD - 4 years
Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp – Administrative Offices - SILVER - 4 years
Mountain Fire House - City of Steamboat Springs -
GOLD - -4 years
Alpine Insurance -
GOLD - 4 years
Light Works of Steamboat - GOLD - 4 years
Catamount Lake Ranch & Club - Golf Clubhouse - 
GOLD 4 years
Steamboat Motors –
GOLD - 4 years

Sweetwood Cattle Company - GOLD - 2 years
Mountain Resorts - GOLD - 2 years
Animal Healing Center - GOLD - 2 years

Businesses on their way to achieving certification:

Drahota Construction Co.
Mountain West Environments
Steve Green Company
Catamount Ranch & Club - Lake House
Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp - Food & Beverage Department
Lil' House Coffee & Biscuits

Steamboat Grand Resort

City of Steamboat Springs – Transit Center & Public Works

Wells Fargo Bank
Old Town Hot Springs
Haymaker Golf Course


What the SSBC “seal” Means

Businesses in the SSBC have gone through a rigorous process with the help of a professional coach of evaluating their facility, their operation and their policies and practices with an eye towards reducing their environmental footprint and enhancing their contribution to the overall success of the community.  Accordingly, they have implemented significant changes and have plans to continually improve their sustainable practices.

For Additional Information Please Contact:

Lyn Halliday, President, CEO
Ph. 970.879.6323